• Privacy policy

    1. How to collect your personal information


    When you use our products and services, we will collect your personal information voluntarily provided by you or generated by using the services in the following ways. You have the right to choose what personal information you provide to us.



    1.1 Information you may provide unsolicited


    1.1.1 When you use the account registration or login function, we will obtain the basic personal information you provide to us when you register or log in. If you choose not to provide such information, you may not be able to use our products or services through registration or login.



    1.1.2 When you use products or services provided by us, we will collect your device model, system version, IMEI, Android ID and other information so as to provide you with stable products or services and avoid affecting your use of products or services due to compatibility.


    1.1.3 If you use the functions of making, publishing, sharing and exchanging information in our products or services, you may voluntarily provide relevant graphic, video, sharing and interactive behavior information. We will collect and record your above information, and display your nickname, profile picture and posted information content, so as to provide you with social functions and save historical records. Please note that the information you upload or post in the public area may be collected and used by others, and such information may include sensitive personal information. To protect your personal and property safety, please provide it with caution.


    1.1.4 If you use the products or services, you may contact us due to account ownership, recharge, prop loss and other issues. You may need to provide your account information depending on the problem.



     2. How do we use cookies and similar technologies


    2.1In the event that you do not refuse to accept cookies, we will set or access cookies on your computer so that you can log in to or use the platform services or functions that depend on cookies. Using cookies can provide you with more thoughtful personalized services, including promotion services.3. How do we protect your personal information.


    2.2You have the right to choose to accept or reject cookies. You can refuse to accept cookies by modifying your browser Settings. However, if you choose to refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to log in or use web services or features that depend on cookies.



    3.1 We have used industry-standard security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of data. We use the following various security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information:


    3.1.1 When we exchange data (such as credit card information) between your browser or application and server, SSL protocol is enabled to provide encryption protection;


    3.1.2 We adopt encryption technologies such as transport layer security protocol and provide browsing services through HTTPS to ensure the security of your data in the process of transmission;


    3.1.3 We ensure that the third party can only access the API interface shared by us through HTTPS. We only provide account verification function, so the third party cannot access your personal information; At the same time, we adopt the perfect anti-SQL injection means to prevent the database system from being attacked by the outside world.


    3.1.4 We use encryption technology to encrypt and save your personal information.

    4.How is your information used


    Use the collected personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and for product or service functions;



    4.1 We may use the information collected for the following purposes:


    4.1.1 Provide you with various functions and services in the product;


    4.1.2 When we provide services, it is used for identity verification, customer service, security prevention, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup to ensure the security of the products and services we provide to you;




    4.1.3 Collect statistics on your use of our services to show the overall usage trend of our services, but these statistics do not contain any of your identifying information;


    4.1.4 Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of advertising, promotion and promotional activities in our services;


    4.1.5Upgrade of products or services provided;


    4.1.6 Relevant activities or experience survey invited to you.


    5. Your rights


    During the period when you use the services provided by us, we may, depending on the specific situation of the services, provide you with the corresponding operation Settings, so that you can access, query, correct, delete your relevant personal information, cancel your user account, revoke the authorization you have agreed, and obtain a copy of your personal information. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we protect you to exercise the following rights to your personal information. In addition, we also set up a complaint reporting channel


    5.1 You have the right to access your personal Information

    You can log in to your personal account through our products or services and access basic personal information in your account at any time.

    If you are unable to access your personal information through the aforementioned means, you can access your account information under the Channel through the account entry of the channel party. If you still cannot access your personal information through the aforementioned means, or you need to obtain the content of your personal information that cannot be obtained through the aforementioned means, You can contact us through our customer service phone number (15972089961) or email (15972089961@sohu.com), we will reply to you within 15 working days.